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Keys Directions In Translate to ELSE
META_KEYWORD in meta tag keyword 10 Minute Mail: A Temporary, disposable, free, and secure e-mail address for spam prevention
META_DESCRIPTION in meta tag description Temporary disposable email service to beat spam. Avoid spam with a free, secure 10-minute e-mail address. Use our service as often as you like.
LBL_TITLE site name in your language (need to be translated) 10 Minute Mail
LBL_TITLE_MOBILE site name in your language (need to be translated) + mobile 10 Minute Mail Mobile
HELP_ABOUT about is a free, disposable e-mail service. Your temporary e-mail address will expire after 10 minutes, after which you cannot access it. You can extend the time by 10 minutes.
The website you are registering with could be selling your personal information; you never know where your e-mail will be published. An email address with a 10 minute lifespan is the best solution to prevent this.
LBL_10_MINUTE_MAIL first title (site name need to be translated) Welcome to 10 Minute Mail
LBL_10_MINUTE_MAIL_MOBILE first mobile title (site name need to be translated) Welcome to 10 Minute Mail Mobile
LBL_TEMPORARY_EMAIL Temporary E-Mail Temporary email
LBL_DISPOSABLE_EMAIL Disposable E-Mail Disposable email
LBL_MOBILE_TITLE mobile Mobile
LBL_LANGUAGE_INFO About Language About language
LBL_INDEX in menu Home
LBL_MENU Menu Menu
LBL_ABOUT in menu About
LBL_FEEDBACK in menu Feedback
LBL_MAILBOX InBox title InBox
LBL_WELCOMETO Welcome to Welcome to
LBL_MAIL Email: Email:
LBL_YOUREMAIL display email address, mail address will replace %s Your temporary e-mail address is: %s
LBL_YOUREMAIL_WILL display lift time, time will replace %s Your e-mail address will expire in %s
LBL_MORE_10_MINUTE more time Give me %s more minutes!
LBL_NEWONE get another e-mail address. Get another e-mail address.(Current E-mail will expire.)
LBL_COPY copy to clipboard Copy to clipboard
LBL_LOADING loading... Loading...
LBL_RECOVERING recover address, mail address will replace %s Recovering deleted e-mail address: %s.
LBL_FOLLOW_US Follow us Follow us
LBL_BLOG Blog Blog
LBL_FEATURE_A_TITLE Disposable Disposable
LBL_FEATURE_A_CONTENT about Disposable All mailboxes are disposed, once your mailbox has been deleted no one will ever be able to access it again.
LBL_FEATURE_B_TITLE Private inbox Private inbox
LBL_FEATURE_B_CONTENT about Private inbox We do not provide custom mailboxes. mailboxes are randomly generated. once your mailbox name has been used it will not be used again. Others are not able to read your mail.
LBL_FEATURE_C_TITLE Refill in time Refill in time
LBL_FEATURE_C_CONTENT about Refill in time You can extend the time within mailbox effective time. You can set up to 100 minutes.
LBL_FEATURE_D_TITLE Recovery Recovery
LBL_FEATURE_D_CONTENT about Recovery Your just-expired mailbox can be recovered before it is removed from the system.
LBL_FEATURE_E_TITLE Mobile support Mobile support
LBL_FEATURE_E_CONTENT about Mobile support We have a dedicated website for mobile devices, you can easily use our service on your mobile device.
LBL_FEATURE_F_TITLE Domain changed Domain changed
LBL_FEATURE_F_CONTENT about Domain changed We replace the domain name every 45 days, to avoid some admins blocking our domain.
LBL_NEED_SUPPORT 10 Minute Mail needs your support 10 Minute Mail needs your support
LBL_SUPPORT_US Support 10 Minute Mail Support 10 Minute Mail
LBL_MAKE_DONATION Make a donation to us Make a donation to us
CONTACT_TITLE Contact us Contact us
CONTACT_INFO about Contact Please use Facebook or Email: %s to contact us (in English or Chinese). Please note we may not always respond, but try to do our best.
FAQ_Q1 Q1 Q1: Can I customize mailboxes?
FAQ_A1 A1 A1: NO, our website is a REAL disposable mail service, we cannot allow users to customize any name for the mailboxes. This is to protect the privacy of all users, thank you for your understanding.
FAQ_Q2 Q2 Q2: Can my mailbox be regenerated?
FAQ_A2 A2 A2: NO, we record a bitmap hash of the generated mailbox name. After the mailbox has been deleted, this record will prevent the same mailbox name ever being generated again.
FAQ_Q3 Q3 Q3: It just 10 minutes?
FAQ_A3 A3 A3: NO, you can extend the time before it expires, and always extend the time let mailbox does not expire.
WELCOME_EMAIL_TITLE Hi, Welcome to 10 Minute Mail Hi, Welcome to 10 Minute Mail
WELCOME_EMAIL_BODY_HEAD about Greetings, Attention to HTML Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for using 10 Minute Mail to fight spam, your temporary disposable email is :
WELCOME_EMAIL_BODY_LINE_1 about Time, Attention to HTML Use it to communicate with any website you want to. You have 10 minutes to use this mailbox, If the time is not enough, by click "Give me more 10 minutes" or "Refill" to extend it.
WELCOME_EMAIL_BODY_LINE_2 about Privacy, Attention to HTML For using this service you MUST enable cookie and javascript, cookie is just to record your session id and language preference, in addition to following third-party website widget: Addthis, Adsense, Analytics, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Uservoice, Viglink, etc., we will NOT give your personal information to third parties or used for personal identification.
WELCOME_EMAIL_BODY_FOOTER about Ending, Attention to HTML 10 Minute Mail Team

Follow us :

INFO_TIMESUP mail address expired message Your temporary e-mail has self-destructed.
INFO_COMPLETELY_DELETED Your temporary e-mail %s has been deleted completely, can not recover. Your temporary e-mail %s has been deleted completely and cannot be recovered.
INFO_REPORT Thank you for reporting issues, we will be fixed soon. Thank you for reporting issues. They will be fixed soon.
INFO_YOUCAN You can... You can...
INFO_REFRESH refresh this page. Refresh this page.
INFO_GET_NEWONE get another e-mail address. Get another e-mail address.
INFO_FREEBACK Feedback Feedback
INFO_HISTORY Check mailbox history. Check mailbox history.
LBL_TRANSLATE Translate Translate
LBL_MORE_10_MINUTE_2 MUST SHORT, Refill (More Time) Refill
LBL_NEWONE_2 MUST SHORT, New (Get new mail address) New
LBL_RECOVERING_2 MUST SHORT, Recover (Recover deleted mail address) Recover
INFO_REFRESH_2 MUST SHORT, Refresh (Refresh inbox) Refresh
LBL_DELETE_ALL MUST SHORT, Delete all Delete all
LBL_SELECT_ALL MUST SHORT, Select all Select all
LBL_INVERT_SELECTION MUST SHORT, Invert selection Invert selection
LBL_MOBILE Mobile version Mobile version
MAIL_READ ReadMail Read Mail
MAIL_SUBJECT Subject Subject
MAIL_NOSUBJECT No Subject No Subject
MAIL_MAIN Message Message
MAIL_ERROR_OPEN access e-mail failure messages Attempt to access e-mail has failed.
MAIL_ERROR_NOT insufficient permissions messages You do not have permission to access this e-mail.
MAIL_LINKS Links Links
MAIL_OPTIONS Options Options
MAIL_READ_HELP If you can't read this email, click here If you can't read this email, click here
MAIL_FULL_MAIL Full mail Full mail
MAIL_NEW_WINDOW New window New window
MAIL_REPORT Report Report
MAIL_PLAIN Plain Plain
MAIL_ATTACHMENTS Attachments Attachments
PERMALINK_GET Get permalink. Get permalink.
PERMALINK_LINK Permalink: Permalink:
PERMALINK_TIME Email Datetime: Email Datetime:
PERMALINK_SET_KEY Set Access Key: Set Access Key:
PERMALINK_ENTER_KEY Enter Access Key: Enter Access Key:
PERMALINK_TITLE Please complete the form below to get permalink. Please complete the form below to get permalink.
PERMALINK_TITLE3 Please complete the form below to get mailbox. Please complete the form below to get mailbox.
PERMALINK_ERROR Checksum error, make sure the URL or Access Key are correct. Checksum error, make sure the URL or Access Key are correct.
PERMALINK_URL_ERROR Your URL is wrong, please check again. Your URL is wrong, please check again.
PERMALINK_DOMAIN_ERROR This domain is expired, go to to recover your mailbox. This domain is expired, go to to recover your mailbox.
PERMALINK_NOTICE Anyone who has permalink and access key can access this mailbox, if you don't want to announce the mailbox, do not disclose it. Protect your permalink and access key! Anyone who gains access to these can access your mailbox.
PERMALINK_TITLE2 Here is your permalink, you can use this link to access the mailbox permanently. Here is your permalink, you can use this link to access the mailbox permanently.
LBL_HISTORY short, History of email address History
HISTORY_REFRESH Must short, Refresh Refresh
HISTORY_EXPORT Must short, Export Export
HISTORY_EXPORT_ALL Must short, Export all Export all
HISTORY_IMPORT Must short, Import Import
HISTORY_LIST Must short, List List
HISTORY_DELIMITER Must short, Delimiter Delimiter
HISTORY_DOWNLOAD Must short, Download Download
HISTORY_WRONG There is something wrong, please check. There is something wrong, please check.
HISTORY_MAIL Must short, Mail Mail
HISTORY_KEY Must short, Access key Access key
HISTORY_DATETIME Must short, Datetime Datetime
HISTORY_CHOOSE Choose doamin name: Choose domain name:
HISTORY_IMPORT_HELP_LINE_1 import help line 1 You can import email history from others, but only limit domain name which is being used.
HISTORY_IMPORT_HELP_LINE_2 import help line 2, translate part before the colon. Only accept JSON array: array[ object{ mail, url, key, time }, object, ... ]
DATATABLES_EMPTYTABLE when table is empty No data available in table.
DATATABLES_INFO notice keep _START_ _END_ _TOTAL_ Showing _START_ to _END_ of _TOTAL_ entries
DATATABLES_INFOEMPTY when table is empty Showing 0 to 0 of 0 entries
DATATABLES_INFOFILTERED notice keep "(", ")" and _MAX_ (filtered from _MAX_ total entries)
DATATABLES_LENGTHMENU notice keep _MENU_ Show _MENU_ entries
DATATABLES_PROCESSING Processing... Processing...
DATATABLES_SEARCH Must short ,notice the colon Search:
DATATABLES_ZERORECODERS No matching records found. No matching records found.
DATATABLES_ARIA_SORTASCENDING notice the colon : activate to sort column ascending
DATATABLES_ARIA_DESCENDING notice the colon : activate to sort column descending
HISTORY_HELP_LINE_1 Need to be translated Permalink and access key is stored on your browser, we do not keep your data. If you clear your browser data, these records will be cleared.
HISTORY_HELP_LINE_2 Need to be translated Please note that when we replace the domain name, the old record will be cleared. This applies to all domain name has been disabled and the huge junk mail, which we are keep working, maybe one day we can make a permalink to all the mailboxes.
HISTORY_HELP_NO_SUPPORT Need to be translated, infomation when browser does not support localStorage Your browser does not support local storage, please make sure your browser version is greater then IE 8+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Opera 10.5+, and allows the site to access local storage.
HISTORY_CONFIRM_DELETE_TITLE Delete confirm Delete confirm
HISTORY_CONFIRM_DELETE_TEXT Singular Are you sure you want to delete the following address?
HISTORY_CONFIRM_DELETE_ES_TEXT plurality Are you sure you want to delete the following addresses?
HISTORY_CONFIRM_DELETE_ALL_TEXT All of Are you sure you want to delete all addresses?
REPOTER_SELECT Please select one issue from the options. Please select one issue from the options.
REPOTER_RECEIVE Can not receive the mail from a website. Cannot receive the mail from a website.
REPOTER_READ Can not read email. Cannot read email.
REPOTER_ATTACHMENTS Can not download attachments. Cannot download attachments.
REPOTER_LINKS URL links in email have problems. URL links in the e-mail have problems.
REPOTER_ELSE Else, please describe the problem. Or, please describe the problem.
SUBMIT_LEAVE_NAME Please leave a name at least. Please leave a name at least.
SUBMIT_SELECT_ONE Please select one issue from the options. Please select one issue from the options.
SUBMIT_CONFIRM Are you sure you want to submit the form? Are you sure you want to submit this form?
TRANSLATE_YOURWEBSITE your website Website
TRANSLATE_YOURCOMMENTS your comments Comments
TRANSLATE_DIRECTIONS in translate page directions Directions
TRANSLATE_KEYS in translate page keys Keys
TRANSLATE_IN_LANGUAGE in translate page in language In %s
TRANSLATE_TRANSLATE_TO_LANGUAGE in translate page translate to language Translate to %s
TRANSLATE_THANKS Thanks following friend(s) to help translate: Thank you to the following friend(s) for helping us translate:
TRANSLATE_CHOOSE Choose language: Choose language:
TRANSLATE_HELP Help us translate website Help us translate website.
RECAPTCHA_HELP shows when used to many addresses, IP will replace %s There are too many requested addresses from your IP, %s. We need to make sure you are human. Please answer the CAPTCHA below, and click the submit button to get a confirmation.
RECAPTCHA_VISUAL_CHALLENGE Get a visual challenge Get a visual challenge
RECAPTCHA_AUDIO_CHALLENGE Get an audio challenge Get an audio challenge
RECAPTCHA_REFRESH_BTN Get a new challenge Get a new challenge
RECAPTCHA_INSTRUCTIONS_VISUAL Type the two words: Type the two words:
RECAPTCHA_INSTRUCTIONS_VISUAL_LIMIT Type the numbers Type the numbers:
RECAPTCHA_INSTRUCTIONS_AUDIO Type what you hear: Type what you hear:
RECAPTCHA_PLAY_AGAIN Play sound again Play sound again
RECAPTCHA_CANT_HEAR_THIS Download sound as MP3 Download sound as an MP3
RECAPTCHA_INCORRECT_TRY_AGAIN Incorrect. Try again. Incorrect. Try again.
ERROR_404_TITLE page not found ,title 404 Not Found
ERROR_404_HELP about page not found The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
ERROR_403_TITLE forbidden ,title 403 Forbidden: Access is denied
ERROR_403_HELP about forbidden You do not have permission to view this directory or page.
ERROR_500_TITLE shows when site is down, title 500 Internal Server Error
ERROR_500_HELP shows when site is down There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.
ERROR_503_TITLE shows when site is down, title 503 Service Unavailable
HELP_DOWN shows when site is down. is over capacity. We will be back soon.
ERROR_BACKUP_SITE shows when something wrong. Please try the following links or backup sites:
TIME_JUST_NOW just now just now
TIME_SECOND 1 second 1 second
TIME_SECONDS %s seconds, number will replace %s %s seconds
TIME_MINUTE 1 minute 1 minute
TIME_MINUTES %s minutes, number will replace %s %s minutes
TIME_HOUR 1 hour 1 hour
TIME_HOURS %s hours, number will replace %s %s hours
TIME_DAY 1 day 1 day
TIME_DAYS %s days, number will replace %s %s days
TIME_WEEK 1 week 1 week
TIME_WEEKS %s weeks, number will replace %s %s weeks
TIME_MONTH 1 month 1 month
TIME_MONTHS %s months, number will replace %s %s months
TIME_YEAR 1 year 1 year
TIME_YEARS %s years, number will replace %s %s years
TIME_AGO %s ago, time will replace %s %s ago

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